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We are an Accredited Center of the Soroban Foundation in Japan, a Certifying Institution for MENTAL ARITHMETICS according to the methodology of Ishido Shiki. In addition, we teach NEUROMATHATICS, due to which every student achieves brilliant skills of FAST CACLULATION in mind, reaching abilities to multiply faster than a calculator, we teach mathematicks on LEGO® Education blocks and CLIL Science and CLIL Business, which is teaching science subjects in a foreign language, mailny English as well as market behavior in business. JOIN US and open ACADEMY in your CITY!

Our Mission

We pepare young generation for the challenges of modern, technologically developed world, equipping them with the future competences, which means development of logical-analytical thinking, strategic thinking, foreign language-mathematical skills and social-market behaviour.  However, the most important is the fact that we eqip them with the most powerful  and timeless weapon BRILLIANT MIND.



To successfully implement our mission, 
we have created a unique program in cooperation with 
the most prominent Mental Arithmetic specialists in Japan
and professionals from the areas of business, 
science and foreign language. 
We have created a multi-module program based on 
CLIL methodologies and Japanese teaching strategies.
During one 120 minute lesson, we implement 
the following modules


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2. NEUROMATH/ MATH on LEGO® Education  

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The Best Start Up 2018

First place in the national PLAN NA START competition at the Lazarski University. 200 companies entered the competition, but our project won as the best prepared business and innovative idea.

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Press about us

Our progam arouses interest in both Polish and Japanese press.

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The first in Europe Japanese exams KYU

Po raz pierwszy w Polsce przeprowadziliśmy japońskie egzaminy KYU 9. 15 Polaków w wieku 9-13 lat musiało w ciągu 10 minut mnożyć, dodawać i odejmować długie ciągi liczbowe.

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International Conference on Neuroscience in Mathematics

In October this year, we hosted representatives of the Soroban Foundation from Japan and the sensei Kennichi Ishido. On this occasion, we organized the Conference and the Grand Tournament of the Soroban Master

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What do you get with the license?

– Mental Arithmetic course for the staff – Neuromath and CLIL course for the staff –  Math course on LEGO® Education blocks – Ready made scenarios for each module – Exams + Certification by the Foundation of Soroban in japan – Constatnt support of a methodology specialist
-permanent access to the online platfor for the teachers – permanent access to Neuromath and Menthal Arithemtic courses – coursebook and manual for the teachers – platform for school management  online – mobile aplication with English course
It is a unique motivational system, in the form of a platform that contains online tests for students and teaches their market behavior. In the world of Superminds, students will make transactions using the Supercoins currency, which they earn during classes and online tests. It is fun and education at the same time.
– Patronage of the Foundation of Soroban in Japan – Full branding – marketing package – Preparing graphics and supporting social sites training – Internet website Supermindsacademy – Full package of graphics, videos and marketing materials
– training for the manager or the owner – personalised business plan for your school – permanent support by a business expert – help in building a sales model –  platform for school management

Meet The Hosts

Originator and founder of the Superminds project, the main methodologist and the only Polish woman – certified Trainer of Japanese Mental Arithmetic at the KYU 3 level. Thus, she has the qualifications to certify trainers throughout Poland on behalf of the Soroban Foundation in Japan. At the Academy, she is responsible for the methodology area, she will ensure that your trainers feel taken care of and freely introduce the Superminds methodology in your school
An experienced and qualified top-level businessman of management. For many years he managed a network corporation, today at the Academy he helps to build personalized business plans with our franchisee. It is for them a support and mentor in the financial and operational area and organizational structure. Mariusz will prepare a financial plan for you and will assist you in managing your business throughout the whole of our cooperation.

If you are interested or you need more information, do not hesitate to write to us

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