BASIC PACKAGE – 69zł / month

includes monthly access to the platform with VOD courses 
and mobile applications.

Available courses:

– mental math ( 9 -15 year-olds)

– foreign languages 

– math on lego blocks ( 5 – 9 year-olds)

– Japanese mental arithmetic – for everybody

– business (10 – 15 year-olds) 


MEDIUM PACKAGE- 159zł / month

includes monthly access to the platform with VOD courses, mobile applications and regular classes with a trainer

Available courses :

– mental math + Japanese mental arithmetic ( 9 – 15 year-olds)

VOD + 50 min online classes

– foreign languages   (mobile application)

– math on lego blocks ( 5 – 9 year-olds ) VOD + 50 min online classes

– business (10 – 15 year-olds) online classes



Mental maths are the techniques of fast multiplication, division and addition, thanks to which every person achieves above-average arithmetic skills. They are also very friendly to children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia or dyscalculia.

During classes with a trainer, we teach fast 
counting techniques, Japanese mental arithmetic
and mental strategies for the so-called mathematical
school nightmares.

Kurs matematyki dla najmłodszych, dzięki któremy z łatwością przyswoją trudne zagadnienia matematyczne. Bawiąc się uczymy mnożenia, dzielenia, zamiany jednostek, geometrii oraz rozwiązywania zadań z treścią.

Kurs jest dostępny w formie VOD lub regularnych zajęć z trenerem online.

The course participants gain economic knowledge 
in the areas of marketing and management and build
their own companies.The aim of the course is not
only to gain entrepreneurial knowledge and skills,
but also to get to know yourself, your talents,
preferences and place in the team. Classes are held regularly online with the leading
trainer and specialists from various fields of
English + scientific experiments.

We teach chemistry, physics in practice, i.e. by performing 
scientific experiments. Classes are conducted by two English
and Polish-speaking trainers.

The course is in the form of VOD.

The course is available in the form of VOD recordings
and a mobile application. The course is suitable for children and adults.



To successfully implement our mission, 
we have created a unique program in cooperation with 
the most prominent Mental Arithmetic specialists in Japan
and professionals from the areas of business, 
science and foreign language. 
We have created a multi-module program based on 
CLIL methodologies and Japanese teaching strategies.
During one 120 minute lesson, we implement 
the following modules


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2. NEUROMATH/ MATH on LEGO® Education  

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The Best Start Up 2018

First place in the national PLAN NA START competition at the Lazarski University. 200 companies entered the competition, but our project won as the best prepared business and innovative idea.

Watch the interview with the dean of ASBIRO

Press about us

Our progam arouses interest in both Polish and Japanese press.

GAZETA WYBORCZA          ONET.PL             LIFE IN Lodzkie    JAPANESE PRESS  

The first in Europe Japanese exams KYU

Po raz pierwszy w Polsce przeprowadziliśmy japońskie egzaminy KYU 9. 15 Polaków w wieku 9-13 lat musiało w ciągu 10 minut mnożyć, dodawać i odejmować długie ciągi liczbowe.

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International Conference on Neuroscience in Mathematics

In October this year, we hosted representatives of the Soroban Foundation from Japan and the sensei Kennichi Ishido. On this occasion, we organized the Conference and the Grand Tournament of the Soroban Master

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If you have question, feel free to write to us. 

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